The Undoing - Art Game

Asta Kalpokaite-Golias
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Saturday, 25 June 2016 - 11:45am to 4:45pm

Asta Kalpokaite-Golias

The Ashley Centre, Epsom
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For MGSO4 Festival Asta has specially created art game ‘The Undoing’, involving written titles, groups of art objects and clay. It is an invitation to play with the audience's perceptions about art.

Asta Kalpokaite-Golias perceives art as a communication form that works on a deeper level than language. She makes groups of figurative sculptures that serve as art toys. They are all made for touching, moving and rotating, even if sometimes they do not appear that way.

Asta studied art in Lithuania, obtaining a BA in ceramics in Norway and MA in ceramics in Oslo. She has exhibited in the Oslo National Art Museum and in London. Asta specialises in sculpture. She currently works and lives in West Ewell.

The Undoing will take place in the first floor space at The Ashley Centre, accessible by stairs or lift.

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Wheelchair access