Composition workshops for schools and community groups

Greg Harradine MGSO4

Greg Harradine, the composer who has been commissioned to create a new piece of classical music for the festival, has developed a highly-accessible music composition workshop, available to local schools and community groups.

During his research, Greg discovered a link between Epsom’s earliest name, ‘Ebba’s ham’, and the musical notes of the elements that make up Epsom Salt, E-B-A. In the workshops, he will show participants how to ‘discover’ the musical theme lurking within their own name, and compose a simple melody using those notes.

Workshops last for one hour and will be tailored for different groups. Sessions are available for a number of dates between 21st May – 6th July. Greg believes that music-making should be available to all – and that every individual can succeed in creating music with the right support.

Greg’s festival composition, written for piano and cello, will re-tell through music, the story of the discovery of Epsom Salts 400 years ago. It will be performed at Bourne Hall on Saturday 7th July. Tickets will go on sale in the second week of May.

Greg graduated from Kingston University in 2010 after achieving a first-class degree in music technology and a Masters in composition, and has been writing music and performing around the country ever since. He is an experienced workshop leader with DBS clearance.

He has won several awards, including the Cameron Mackintosh Resident Composer Award in 2014 and was finalist in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Songwriting Competition in 2015.

Get in touch for further details about the workshops and to check availability.