Chloe Haywood

Chloe Haywood MGSO4 arts festival
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Monday, 2 July 2018 - 10:00am to Saturday, 7 July 2018 - 5:00pm

Chloe Haywood

NESCOT Skills Park
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Journey of Discovery: MGSO4 Contemporary Art Exhibition.

MGSO4 presents an exhibition of work from emerging and mid-career artists, responding to the theme of discovery.
Artists were selected from an open call for submission, interpreting the theme in any way they see fit. The eclectic exhibition includes 3D work, textile and digital mediums as well as well as contemporary fine art. Artworks will be for sale during this exhibition.

ChloeHaywood's work 'Solar' is long-listed for this exciting exhibition.

"The signature headpiece Solar is from a collection of headpieces from my latest collection called SpaceTime. The inspiration, isn’t as you might imagine from Einsteins’ theory of relativity, but directly from watching an episode of the BBC Ones series, Forces of Nature with Professor Brian Cox. The episode was called ‘Somewhere in Spacetime’ and I didn’t set out to watch the show at all. I was captivated by the movement of the show and more specifically from the way Cox explained in his colourful way, an example of Spacetime.

"He described the world rotating and rotating, and then the moon revolves and rotates around us, and then around the moon and the earth are all the other planets in this galaxy rotating and moving which means that we can only ever be in one spot in the universe at that moment, but never ever again. This blew my mind and still moves me now. To me this makes us and our little lives as humans so small and insignificant in relation to the universe, however it does make every day and every, hour ever minute so very precious indeed. We must hold on to those ever so precious memories but not live in the past but enjoy every moment to the fullest in the present. However, we must live for today, and but spare a thought for the future."

From 15th May to 1st July, the public will be able to vote online for their favourite artist in the People's Choice Award. The submitted work for each artist is displayed on this website.

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