Fiona Masterton

Fiona Masterton MGSO4 arts festival
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Monday, 2 July 2018 - 10:00am to Saturday, 7 July 2018 - 5:00pm

Fiona Masterton

NESCOT Skills Park
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Journey of Discovery: MGSO4 Contemporary Art Exhibition.

MGSO4 presents an exhibition of work from emerging and mid-career artists, responding to the theme of discovery.
Artists were selected from an open call for submission, interpreting the theme in any way they see fit. The eclectic exhibition includes 3D work, textile and digital mediums as well as well as contemporary fine art. Artworks will be for sale during this exhibition.

Fiona Masterton's work 'Some Other Place' is long-listed for this exciting exhibition

"In ‘Some Other Place’, there is a dichotomy between the closeness of aspects of an old city to that which is in the distance. The eye skims over the walls, tiles, peeling paint, a moving tram, rooftops and windows, elaborate church alter and ornate archway – the reprieve being the suggestion of somewhere else such as the unseen road to which the tram travels, the butter yellow sky and glimpse of another city in the distance.

"My practice combines photographic digital montage, paint and drawing. I am interested in the relationship between painting, photography and drawing, the authorial and the mechanical, reality and the imagination. I see patterns and rhythms in the processes that I use and in the marks that I make digitally. I emulate and embellish these digital marks with paint, pencil and pen to create numerous points of departure.

"My subject matter can vary, but tends to focus on the ordinary, the overlooked and the mundane. The trappings of everyday, fleeting, ephemeral, seen out of the corner of one’s eye, texture, beauty and ugliness packed together in a kind of natural collage."

From 15th May to 1st July, the public will be able to vote online for their favourite artist in the People's Choice Award. The submitted work for each artist is displayed on this website.

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Wheelchair accessible