Speaker Listing 1

Mark Jarman
Mark has lived and worked locally for almost 40 years and volunteered during the first MGSO4 Festival. He works as an estate agent in Ewell village, as well as running a film production company that focuses on arts and heritage.
Maria Reeves
Chair of Trustees
Maria is a manager and consultant in the arts and cultural sector, and former MGSO4 Festival Director. She co-founded MGSO4 and also The Horton Chapel Project developing a new cultural venue in Epsom.
Kobbie Boafo
Kobbie is an Epsom-residing photographer and DJ who loves all things creative. He is a social media enthusiast, and committed tweeter. Positivity is Kobbie's mantra and he believes in the importance of community.
Ben Tompsett
Ben is an established musician who has lived in Epsom since 2006. Alongside a busy schedule of tuition, Ben works as a gigging musician, runs Epsom Youth Big Band and Epsom Youth Jazz Ensemble, and is an active songwriter, arranger & producer.
Alyson Smith
Belfast-born Alyson has lived in Epsom since 2012, working as a manager and evaluator for social projects and initiatives in the public sector. She enjoys live music, theatre, and is keen to increase the range of arts performed in the borough.
Ali Waters
Ali is a recruitment and training specialist and main contact for MGSO4 volunteers. She has lived in Epsom for 14 years, and is keen to engage with a diverse group of people to create new and long lasting collaborations. Ali is an enthusiastic amateur artist.